Ring Battery Doorbell Pro: Advanced Motion Detection and Enhanced Security

Ring Doorbell Cam App. Ring

Say Goodbye to Annoying Alerts: Ring Battery Doorbell Pro Delivers Smarter Security

Ring Doorbell Cam App. Ring
Ring Doorbell Cam App. Ring

Do you constantly receive irrelevant motion alerts from your doorbell camera? Ring feels your pain and introduces the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro, designed to minimize false alarms and provide more targeted security.

Sharper Views, Richer Colors: Experience Enhanced Video Quality

This new doorbell boasts upgraded video capabilities, recording in crisp 1536p HD+. Improved image sensors ensure clear visuals regardless of lighting conditions. Additionally, enjoy color recordings even at night thanks to “Low-Light Sight” technology, which utilizes ambient light for vibrant captures.

Radar-Powered Precision: 3D Motion Detection for Accurate Alerts

Ring introduces groundbreaking 3D Motion Detection powered by radar, ensuring alerts are “more refined and accurate,” as stated by Elaine Smith, Ring’s Director of Product. This translates to fewer unnecessary notifications and a focused security experience.

Bird’s Eye View: Pinpoint Motion and Gain Deeper Insights

Take advantage of Bird’s Eye Zone and Bird’s Eye View features. Create customized aerial zones and receive alerts only when motion occurs in those specific areas. This innovative functionality offers a deeper understanding of individual motion events.

Pre-Order Today: Ring Battery Doorbell Pro Available Soon

Pre-order your Ring Battery Doorbell Pro today for $230 and be among the first to experience smarter security. Cameras begin shipping on March 6th.

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