Mozilla’s Latest Service Targets Personal Data Protection

Personal Info For Sale Online. Mozilla

Exposed Personal Data? Mozilla’s New Service Might Be Your Answer

Personal Info For Sale Online. Mozilla
Personal Info For Sale Online. Mozilla

Concerned about your personal information floating around on data broker sites? You’re not alone. Thankfully, Mozilla is stepping up with a solution: Mozilla Monitor Plus. This paid service complements their existing free offering, Mozilla Monitor, and aims to actively remove your exposed data from prying eyes.

Free Scan, Paid Protection: Unveiling the Service’s Nuances

While Mozilla Monitor scans for data breaches and informs you of exposed information, Monitor Plus goes a step further. Upon a free scan (requiring your name, city, birthdate, and email), it identifies data brokers selling your information like home addresses, phone numbers, and potentially even more sensitive details. Here’s the catch: removing this data requires a Monitor Plus subscription costing $107.88 annually or $13.99 monthly.

Automatic Removals for Peace of Mind (with limitations)

The subscription promises continuous monitoring and automated removal requests sent to over 190 data broker sites. This translates to less manual work and greater peace of mind knowing your information isn’t readily available for purchase. However, it’s crucial to note that Monitor Plus is currently limited to US users.

Protecting Your Privacy: Mozilla Prioritizes Security

Mozilla assures users that all provided information is encrypted and adheres to their strict privacy policy. This commitment to transparency and data security is a significant trust factor for those considering the service.

A Step in the Right Direction, But Questions Remain

While Mozilla Monitor Plus offers a valuable service, some questions linger. Its US-only availability limits accessibility, and its subscription model might raise concerns for budget-conscious users. Regardless, it’s a commendable effort from Mozilla to empower individuals in regaining control over their online privacy.

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