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Our Culture

At Aunomay, we hold our company and individual team culture in high regard, considering it an integral part of our identity. Every member contributes their unique perspectives, enriching our diverse culture and adding to its awesomeness.

Sustained Performance

We prioritize sustained performance through a culture that embraces both concentrated focus hours and work-life balance. Enjoy perks like remote work, flexible hours, and unlimited time-offs, all aimed at encouraging sustained high performance.

Expression of Joy & Creativity

We foster a work environment where meetings and interactions have a touch of lightheartedness and energy. We recognize that animation is a true expression of fun and joy, and we value creative minds who embrace that spirit in their day-to-day work.

Passion for Learning & Sense of Ownership

Aunomay is built around the revolutionary Lottie file format, driving an inspiring movement. We push boundaries in motion and creation, and our team stays curious, passionate, and committed to learning.We deeply value ownership within our team, recognizing it as a key attribute.

Open & Candid communication

We foster a culture of compassionate and open communication. We prioritize creating a safe space for all, where feedback, challenges, and appreciation are encouraged at all levels of the organization.

“We Lottie You”

This is a common phrase you will see across our company. To us, this is a way of expressing a genuine regard for diversity, each other’s skills, personalities, and cultures. At Aunomay, we try to nurture a culture of gratitude, kindness, humility, and appreciation. We believe in co-elevation and amplifying each other’s success.