Aunonay VIP Terms & Conditions



Welcome to the AUNOMAY VIP (“our,” “us”, “our loyalty program” or “Program”) ! AUNOMAY VIP is a rewards plan for our fans to redeem rewards, get access to events & pop-ups, receive member exclusive promotions, and the latest fashion news. Once you’ve joined our loyalty program, you can upgrade and earn rewards with every purchase you make. By becoming a member, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


The Program is available online at for different countries sites. Each Account is enrolled in the Program once, regardless of the number of cardholders and authorized users. Every purchase will be accounted for your membership (include cross-site purchases), but level upgrades and degradation are based on the rules of your registered site .


A purchase is necessary to become a member. The Eligible Purchases means purchases of merchandise and gift cards through AUNOMAY wallet or other available payment at AUNOMAY website in the provisions time, excluding the amount of refunds/rejection/cancellation on your orders and payment with AUNOMAY gift cards.

Due to changing exchange rates, the order amount may slightly fluctuate. Thank you for your understanding.


There is no fee for the AUNOMAY VIP. AUNOMAY VIP membership is limited to individuals only and limited to one account per individual.

It is your identification that represent you are at legal ages to join our program and responsibility for your membership to keep your email and contact details up to date in your Account.

AUNOMAY reserves the right to disqualify Members who have violated any of the Terms and Conditions. Any fraudulent activity or attempt to manipulate or abuse the Program will result in the Account being removed from the Program without notice. When a Membership is terminated, all outstanding coupons and outstanding rewards associated with the Membership are forfeited.



AUNOMAY VIP consists of four status: Level S1, Level S2, Level S3 (available to purchased members) and Level S0 status(available to registered members).


Every tier is valid for 12 months from the date the AUNOMAY VIP member qualifies(exclude level S1); after that, identity validation is required every month. Data refreshes typically take up to 24 hours. Please check your tier level after 24 hours.

Once you achieve level S1, you will earn a life-long status. Please note that the tier level of your membership is based on the times of eligible purchases or the amount of eligible spending during the past 12 months which is 45 days before the refresh date every month.

United States

Eligibile purchases apply to any purchases on the AUNOMAY site made during the past 45 days before the 6th of every month, over the past 12 months. AUNOMAY Exhange purchases exc

Aunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay

Spend at least $0.01 or place at least 1 order(s)(over $0.01) to reach S1.

Aunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay

Spend at least $90.00 or place at least 2 order(s)(over $0.01) to reach S2.

Aunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay

Spend at least $300.00 or place at least 5 order(s)(over $0.01) to reach S3.



Membership in the Program may entitle you to various offers (“Offers”) in addition to Rewards. The details of these Offers are set out from time to time on the Program Website.

Exclusive IconAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - AunomayAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - AunomayAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay
Level-up CouponAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - AunomayAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay
Free Shipping CardAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - AunomayAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay
Pop-ups PrivilegesAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - AunomayAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay
Speedy RefundAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay
VIP SERVICEAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay
Free Festival GiftsAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay
AUNOMAY MagazineAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay
S3-only promotionsAunonay VIP Terms & Conditions - Aunomay


Details and terms of any Offers as set out on the Program Website are valid for your effective membership period unless otherwise specified on the Program Website.

Please noted that rewards from AUNOMAY VIP cannot be used for purchasing gift cards or applied to past purchases.

Coupons are only applicable to your registered site.



Once you join our loyalty program, you are deemed to have read and agreed to be bound by the rules. AUNOMAY may, in its sole discretion, alter, limit, or modify the AUNOMAY VIP rules, regulations, rewards, eligibility for membership, or any other feature of the AUNOMAY VIP and/or may terminate the AUNOMAY VIP at any time in its sole discretion, by giving reasonable notice on the website and/or by email. You can refer to the latest version of this rule on this page. If you continue to use AUNOMAY membership rights after the terms of these rules are changed, you will be deemed to have accepted the revised rules. If you do not accept the revised rules, you should voluntarily stop enjoying the membership rewards agreed in the rules. Please check the website regularly for updates.


You may cancel your membership at any time through your Account on the website or please contact AUNOMAY Customer Service. It is your responsibility to check or review these Terms from time to time to keep informed of any changes.

Please note that terminating your membership means that you will only be able to shop at using the guest check-out and any outstanding Points and outstanding Rewards which remain in such account will be forfeited.


AUNOMAY may modify the terms of the program including the Rewards and the Tiers, or to suspend or terminate the program if this program is not capable of running as planned for any reason (including in the event of fraud or attempted fraud), which may result in loss of purchase and the cancellation of all rewards and privileges associated with the Program. Any abuse of the program, failure to comply with any provision of the program, any misrepresentation or any action that damages AUNOMAY’s interests, or fraud or attempted fraud may result in the member being revoked from membership and will affect the member’s eligibility for further participation in the program.


In the event of Terms and Rewards’ modification, suspension or termination, AUNOMAY will notify via mail, email, and other channels about marketing with your permission, as well as show all changes on this page. Unsubscribing will cause you to not receive our message in time and you will not receive any compensation from AUNOMAY in the event of modification or suspension of the Program. Please note that AUNOMAY may continue to send you emails like changes or information about your account and AUNOMAY VIP membership.

AUNOMAY reserves the right to modify, update or discontinue the membership standard of AUNOMAY VIP at any time, which may involve changes of level status and rewards. Finally, AUNOMAY has the power to ultimate interpretation.

If you have any questions regarding the AUNOMAY VIP, you may contact Customer Service.